Wednesday, February 6, 2013

(#1) Are There No More Pirate Islands?

For Thursday, please answer the following prompt in two fully developed paragraphs in a typed document. You do not need to comment on this post. Direct citation from course texts is not required; however, it is encouraged should you wish to offer support to your writing. Bring this homework to class in hardcopy, properly formatted as indicated on the syllabus, so that it may be turned in.
First, describe an experience in your life where you may have witnessed a TAZ taking place. When and where was this event? What was happening? Were you a participant or an observer? What thoughts and feelings did you experience? While it may be difficult at first to identify and name a past experience as a TAZ, think hard about the definitions and descriptions Bey provides of such "pirate" spaces. Also, consider the subtext titled "Train Parties" by Sheena Bizarre and the "Reclaim the Streets" event narrated by Stephen Duncombe to help inform your answer.

Second, imagine then creating your own TAZ. What would happen? Where would it take place? Who would be involved? Who would be the audience? Why would you be creating and performing your TAZ? What would your "message" be? How would your “message” be conveyed? What would be your desired result? 

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