Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rubric for Thesis Proposal Posted

The rubric for the thesis proposal writing assignment is now posted on the Schedule, Readings, and Rubrics page. I distributed a hardcopy of this document in class today, yet should you need to retrieve another copy you can do so by clicking on the link on the aforementioned page.

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  1. Intro Paragraph with Thesis Proposal

    Over the years, graffiti, and or street art, have trigger a cascade of both positive and negative uproars and controversial dilemmas. As it evolves, graffiti and or street art, have grown become substantially recognize, and elicit a distinctive language that potentiates positive outcomes. Throughout this essay, such claims will be examined. The writings of two authors will be explored, and utilized, in attempt to provide evidence in support of the previously mentioned claims. Of these authors, there are Jessie Whitehead, writer of “graffiti: The Use of the Familiar,” and Kristine Somerville, author of “The urban Canvas and the Artists.” Prior to advocating such arguments on “graffiti,” a concise overview of this art form will be discussed. Such overview will encompass general facts about Graffiti; focusing on areas that tackles questions relating to the “when,” “what,” and "why."