Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Presentation and Research Project Rubrics Posted

The rubric for the Presentations and Research Project are now posted on the Schedule, Readings, and Rubrics page. I distributed a hardcopy of this document in class today, yet should you need to retrieve another copy you can do so by clicking on the link on the aforementioned page.

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  1.  1. What Malcolm X means when he calls himself a “Black Nationalist” is that he is a freedom fighter for the political, economical and social freedom of the black people. The philosophy of this ideology according to Malcolm X is that African- Americans should be in control of the politics and the economy in their communities. The political philosophy attest that African- Americans should be educated on politics of this nation through programs that will make them politically aware, enabling blacks to vote for someone that has their interest at heart. The economical aspects of this philosophy is that black’s need to form their own communities by creating businesses for themselves. Blacks need to elevate themselves by becoming independent through separation from the whites and by taking control of the economy, education, housing and businesses in their own community.

    2. Malcolm X is skeptical about the white politicians and liberal because they gain control of the economy, education, jobs and businesses of the black communities through the pre-text of integration. The white politicians uses lies, trickery and false promises to manipulate Negroes to fight for their cause. Creating the illusion of making a difference for the black community and the promise of the American dream. Yet, no blacks have benefited from placing a white man in power, they have only suffered from being entrapped.

    3. Malcolm X is not advocating for violence but merely predicting that violence is inevitable considering that historically revolutions are bloody. According to Malcolm X the government has continue to violate the civil rights of people and it is time to stop being passive and take action. Instead of sit-down action, blacks need to “start doing some standing and some fighting”. As Malcolm said “the ballot or the bullet”, meaning that either government give blacks the right to vote or they will have no altered but to raise arms.

    4. Yes, I believe that Malcolm X agrees with this passage because he states that “this government has failed us” therefore action has to be taken on a higher level. Because the government have failed the blacks, separation is the means to freedom. This can be done by forming a separate community where the black man can be his own master economically, socially and politically.

    5. Option (b) accurately summarizes Malcolm X’s thesis in his speech. He states that the whites look out for themselves and it is time that the black people do the same. African- American need to seek their own interests instead of allowing the enemy to oppress them politically and exploiting them economically. They need to establish themselves by creating businesses and investing in their own community instead of relying on the whites.