Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Presentation Schedule

Hello All,

Below find the presentation schedule for the upcoming class meetings. Each presentation is to run between 15-20 minutes, with 3-5 minutes of responses and questions from the audience included.

On the day of your presentation, be sure that you have your handouts printed and copied 25 times by the time class begins.

Also, remember that if you plan on using the media technology in the classroom for your presentation, you must do the following. First, notify me via email as to which technology you will require; i.e., hardware and/or software. Second, save all necessary information and documentation on a personal USB flashdrive. There is not enough time in the meeting period for presenters to retrieve materials from their email archives. Therefore, the only acceptable means of accessing your presentation materials is via a USB flashdrive.

R 5/2
: Presentations
4pm - RQ1
1. Jossibel
2. Melissa
3. Chynia
4. Veronica 
6pm - TW2 
2. Marie
3. Halima
4. Joyce

T 5/7
: Presentations
4pm - RQ1
1. Mohammad
2. Dwaine
3. Crystal
4. Paul
5. Jamie
6. Danny 
6pm - TW2 
1. Paul
2. Jamila
3. Yolanda
4. Fatema
5. Jodi-Ann
6. Rosalayn

R 5/9
: Presentations
4pm - RQ1
1. Yuri
2. Marie
3. Danielle
4. Arnaldo
5. Erica 
6pm - TW2 
1. Nedjie
2. Sylwia
3. Andy
4. Xie
5. Jenika

T 5/14
: Presentations
4pm - RQ1
1. Yogeeta
2. Cinthia
3. Bahia
4. Jasim
5. Rosy 
6pm - TW2 
1. Glenn
2. Stacey
3. Rosa
4. Yajaira
5. Murland

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