Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Graffiti-Marked Subway Train Spotted in 2013!

I would like everyone to briefly visit this article, titled "Old School Graffiti-Marked Subway Train Spotted at W4th Street Station" from The Gothamist, that was published on Jan. 10, 2013. While the article claims that this was performed by Europeans and not NYC natives, this throw-up is nevertheless proof that there is still an active graffiti counterculture in our city and other cities worldwide. Arguably, such transgressive artwork like this hasn't been seen on a subway car in a very long time, and is reminiscent of the extremely prevalent subway graffiti of the 1970s and 80s.

What are some of your initial thoughts after encountering this article and photo?


  1. The picture brought back memories of the red 7 trains. The graffiti itself is vibrant in color and looks pretty artsy and cool

  2. Makes you think, what do the police and the authorities think when this train pulls into the station.

    1. Indeed, it must appear like a "slap in the face" for the authorities. Certainly many citizen viewers had a similar moment of remembrance and perhaps nostalgia for the past graffiti-laden trains. What feelings does it evoke for others? What other messages does this bomb send for the rest of our audience?

  3. I feel this train would grab anyone's attention because it is a sense of change. It is out of our every day norms. The train is colorful and bright. This piece is a throw-up that uses 3D letters. It also is an end-to-end piece of work. The word ensure is defined as to bring about or to make safe or certain. I feel the artist used the word ensure 2013 to welcome our new year and to show others that our world did not end in 2012. I feel that this is not the work of the Europeans but of a New Yorker who is trying to express themselves through the arts.

  4. Yes it did bring some nice memories..I do remember my mother telling me not to sit on the sit because it was dirty,It wasnt dirty it just had tags all over it.

  5. This is indeed a colorful throw up. It bright up your day for a minute and it may or not have a message beneath but can get you thinking negatively. However in the eyes of law, authorities still worry everyday of threats. We are still in war of terror and people are in constant fear. “Be sure” or “bomb it” create already a confusion because some think it is Europeans tourists while other says it‘s out of town visitors act. I totally agree with you professor; anything you write in today’s society must be justify and can be understood as “terror/gangs activities”. Psychologically speaking attack on trains has been a subject since the 9/11. Although it’s a public access, still, it’s a city property and should not be tagged with anything that can create a diversion. This person is likely to be caught soon because he committed an act of vandalism. He should get a permit if want to share his art work.
    No wonder the rise of metro card cost. It takes three hours to clean this mess and if not stop now, MTA will manipulate again the riders for additional fees. This slogan has no meaning and it’s not the place anymore. Things are changing and subway graffiti is over. We need different kind of worry now please!

  6. How dare they?!? I have no interest in seeing graffiti all over mta again. Especially with the increases every year. Who's going to pay to clean this up. I have no problem with them expressing themselves, just do so on European trains.