Thursday, February 21, 2013

Revision of HW#2

After examining your submissions for HW#2 - Let's Argue About Flash Mobs, it appears that a large number of students failed to meet the requirements of the assignment. Therefore, I am offering everyone the chance to revise their original submission by this upcoming Tuesday, 2/26.

Please review the terms of the assignment, provided for your convenience below. Importantly, when reviewing your original submission, be sure that you labeled each paragraph to identify which rhetorical device is being employed, and that you used at least one direct reference from the course texts to support your argument.

Should you revise this homework, you can simply reply to your original comment with the revision.

Again, this revision is due before class this upcoming Tuesday, 2/26.

This assignment will require two developed paragraphs to complete your answer. In the first, argue in favor of flash mobs. That is, identify the "positive" qualities and results of flash mobbing. In the second, argue against flash mobs. That is, identify the "negative" qualities and results of flash mobbing and mobs in general. Each argumentative statement should constitute the topic sentence of these paragraphs.

Vitally, you should employ one distinct pattern of organization, or rhetorical device, in each paragraph. Be sure to head each paragraph with a label that identifies which pattern or device you are using to argue your point. See Hacker's textbook, pages 32-45, for information regarding patterns of organization and rhetorical devices.

Be sure that you include at least one direct reference (i.e., quotation) from one of the course texts in each paragraph. These references should be parenthetically cited according to APA or MLA format and thoroughly explained so as to best support the paragraphs' topic sentences.

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  1. Examples and Illustrations

    Flash Mobs are an interesting Phenomena. According to Georgiana Gore, Flash Mobs are "a new dance genre...consisting of one-off collective dance events organized in public spaces through mobile phone and internet communications". Flash mobs have a positive effect on people because they force people to socialize. When Organizing a flash mob people have to "spread the word" via modern day communications and they have to then meet and perform these acts in "Urban Public Places". An example of this socialization can be seen in the group that participated in the "No pants subway ride" in NYC. Once the public in the train saw these people in their underwear on the train, they asked questions? These forms of socialization bring forward a bigger picture and the anticipation of more random events. Flash Mobs are great in building Social Communication.

    Examples and Illustrations

    An argument many have about Flash Mobs are that they are useless and that they waste public resources. According to Otto Pohl, A flash Mob that happened in Berlin on August 6th was "brimming with...a lack of purpose" and that when the police were called, they could not no anything because Flash Mobs dont really break the law. Pohl says "11 policemen stood by, unsure what to do". After reading Pohls article one can easily argue that the police should not be having to spend the tax dollars of others in these pointless events when there is tons of other places where they are needed. If the police are present at the flash mobs, what can they do? Its like tossing tax money in the trash.